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It is worth the journey up the mountain of learning to get to the freedom on the other side.


I became aware of living on the private side and became interested.  I do not have the expertise to advise anyone.  This website is a compilation of information from other sources and websites that have been helpful to me.  Below are links to those websites.  All information directly from them is noted. I do not ask for, nor accept donations for this information. I am not an affliliate of any business. You can support the websites from which this information is derived.

In my opinion, the most important part of the process of being a sovreign and living on the private side is to get a corrected passport and/or a passport card.  I would use the Passport Card as ID and in place of a Driver's License unless you are engaged in commerce.  You can get good instructions on completing the passport application at

This apparently gets you a near diplomatic passport.   Because you are not under the laws of the UNITED STATES by being a non-citizen national of America, when a police officer or other checks your name and birthdate, it will reportedly say:


You see, as a non-citizen national, you retain ALL of your Bill of Rights benefits.  You have a right to travel freely.  A driver who needs a license is one who is getting paid to go from place to place in a motor vehicle Otherwise, you are TRAVELING in a CONVEYANCE and don't need a license or tag.  I recommend that you put a bumper sticker on your conveyances that says, "Not for Hire".  This also keeps the cops from stopping you because the Motor Vehicle laws are for vehicles engaged in commerce. If you drive part-time for Uber or whatever, you can put the bumper sticker on a page size magnet to attach to your bumper and remove it when you are working.

These are easy (not cheap) things you can do which quickly notifies the feds/corporation called UNITED STATES that you are not in their jurisdiction. If all you can afford is a passport card,  then get that.  The important thing is to notify the feds that you are not a part of the corporation anymore. I have been told that it takes about a month from the issuance of your passport card for the information to be attached to the law enforcement databases.


By one month before the next presidential election, people are required to get a 'Real ID' or be refused entry in fed buildings and airports.  The passport and/or passport card are an acceptable substitute if you do not wish to get the Real ID. I am hoping this will take care of the voting problems.  Many people advocate not voting because it is part of the corporation,  but you can become an elector so we can get the bad people out and replace them with good people who can get this process for the entire country.  


EMAIL: (Do not use a VPN to set it up or it will be rejected.) Go to proton mail and get email using just captcha to verify.


PHONE SERVICE: This can be used on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.  You just need internet access. (Do not use a VPN to set it up or it will be rejected.) Get a phone number. Give them an email from above to be used to notify you of phone calls or texts. They may require a waiting time before issuing a number. You can have several numbers at a time and be logged into all of them if you use a different browser for each log in and one can be logged into with the app.

MICROSOFT: If you need a Microsoft account to download apps, you can use the phone number or any email to get an outlook email – no verification needed to do just this. Better ph # needed to use it to send email. I would be wary of doing this. Do it only if necessary.

The video below explains so much and this YouTube playlist will give you an understanding

The following websites offer paperwork packages to become a private person.  Each website goes at it differently.  There is no official set way.  These people have researched and found their way of utilizing paperwork to become a private person.  Until there is an official way to do this, each person should research for themselves and make their own decisions.

April LaJune

Cal Washington

Moziah Corporation

Yusef El

Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry

Educated in Law


Freedom School

Freedom Documents


Family Guardian

Lighthouse Law Club / Mark Emery


Common Law

Irwin Schiff

People's Awareness Coalition

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