Additional important information

Additional Update for Passport Information

This gives you instructions on getting a proper passport.

Sample statement to go with your passport application. Personalize the highlighted parts and remove highlighting

In some states, you can buy "forever" tags for your car. These "Z tags" are a one time charge and they place your car in a private category amounting to a recording of foreign property. This is not ideal, but it beats being harassed by  patrolmen.

It would be a good idea to have the "Not for Hire" bumper sticker on your vehicle as well putting your car in the private category. This is a link for a good price.  The more you order, the lower the price.  Order several and give to friends and relatives.

I found a combo tag for your car that has everything on it.  You can glue a page magnet to the back and stick it over your regular tag.  If a police officer doesn't accept it, just remove it and show them the 'one you use when you operate in commerce' like if you are driving for Lyft or Uber or get paid for driving in another capacity.

For various uses you need a stamp and I found a very inexpensive self inking stamps that do free shipping at



You can this instead of a SS#. Use the EIN# along with your passport card to get a bank account.

Fillable application

IRS Manual instructions

  1. For your name, write “Last, First Middle”

  2. Fill in your mailing address using c/o then your mailing address

  3. Line 7b write "N/A" .

  4. Line 10 check the Other box and write “W8-Ben purposes only”

  5. Lines 11-17 enter "N/A".

  6. Type or print your name

Sign (with appropriate signature) and date it


(Reading right to left in the manner of Hebrews, Ben means son of-8 is the symbol for infinity-ω is the symbol for Omega - God is the Alpha and Omega. So, read right to left as Hebrews do, it says Son of infinite God.  You use it because you are the child of God and under His law, not the UNITED STATES corporation.)

A W8-Ben is used for anyone wanting you to give them a W2 form for them to withhold funds from ‘income’ they are giving you. Write 'Exempt' on it in that appropriate location.


Get an application online.  Fill out the addresses in the approved manner.

Use your EIN# instead of your SS#


It is suggested that this form, Voluntary Withholding Request, be used for employment. You fill it out 1, 2, and 3 as you normally would, but check the area on line 4 that says "I want you to stop withholding federal income tax from my payment(s)." and sign and date it.  You would then turn it in to your employer.

Irwin Schiff has passed and he left all his work and information to be accessed for free as his legacy.  It is valuable information. Irwin Schiff offers you his entire Educational Program, for Free!

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